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Welcome to Miti Day Program and Disability Care

Our Day Program centers on fostering individual growth, supporting each participant to flourish in their unique abilities. We incorporate enjoyable, interactive, and entertaining methods to effectively conduct our sessions.

We are 100% committed to our participants, offering a supportive environment where they can feel safe, and encouraged to reach their full potential.


At Miti Disability Care and Education we provide a range of services to support those living with disabilities, to develop the skills they need to enhance their lifestyles and improve their confidence.

  • Numeracy & Monetary

    Numeracy & Monetary

    Numeracy is fundamental skill that assist us with many of our daily tasks from shopping, to budgeting our weekly bills, and can also greatly enhance employability.

  • Computer literacy

    Computer literacy

    With technology being a major part of our day to day lives in this modern world, having the skills to be able to access what we need online is important.

  • Household skills

    Household skills

    Being familiar with house chores is not only helpful for independent living but also helpful for their carers.

  • Creative Sensory

    Creative Sensory

    Art and Craft is always an excellent activity to stimulate creativities, and sensory and improve motor skills, also a calm and relaxing activity to regulate mood and emotion.

  • Literacy


    Reading and writing is a basic skill that everybody should have the opportunity to be able to learn and develop, no matter what their ability or status.

  • Science


    The world of science covers many interesting, fun and diverse topics that provoke thought and inquisitiveness in so many of our clients.

  • Dancing

    Music Perception / Dancing

    Our dancing class runs with structured dance moves and freestyle moments to encourage our amazing dancers to create their own unique moves.

  • Pre-employment skills

    Pre-employment skills

    Understand the working environment, Build career goal by experiencing different industry, and Apply learned skills to practical situation.

  • Sports


    Participation in sport is a fun and easy way to get active and increase your physical fitness, as well as socialization.

  • Cooking


    Learning to cook is a basic skill that can be taught through patience, to give someone a great deal of confidence, independence and joy.

  • Dancing


    Class run with structured moves and freestyle to build confident, fun physical exercise, and build friendship and teamwork.

  • Swimming


    Basic water skills and swimming at an invaluable asset that everybody should have the opportunity to learn, regardless of skill set or ability.

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