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Our Centre Programs

Numeracy & Monetary

Numeracy is fundamental skill that assist us with many of our daily tasks from shopping, to budgeting our weekly bills, and can also greatly enhance employability.

Computer Literacy

Exploring something new is always full of excitement and self-appreciation. Our participants will never feel bored with our computer literacy and science class, in which participants are encouraged and guided to explore technology accessibility such as web browsing, using search engine, and social media.

Household Skills

Being familiar with house chores is not only helpful for independent living but also helpful for their carers.

Creative Sensory

Art and Craft is always an excellent activity to stimulate creativities, and sensory and improve motor skills, also a calm and relaxing activity to regulate mood and emotion.


Reading and writing is a basic skill that everybody should have the opportunity to be able to learn and develop, no matter what their ability or status. As one of the most fundamental core learning areas, the benefits that our clients receive are invaluable.

Independent Living Skills

The world of science covers many interesting, fun and diverse topics that provoke thought and inquisitiveness in so many of our clients.

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