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Computer Literacy

Exploring something new is always full of excitement and self-appreciation. Our participants will never feel bored with our computer literacy and science class, in which participants are encouraged and guided to explore technology accessibility such as web browsing, using search engine, and social media.

With technology being a major part of our day to day lives in this modern world, having the skills to be able to access what we need online is important.

Our computer literacy programs provide our clients with a wonderful opportunity to learn some of the basic skills required to navigate their way through the internet as well as operate and manage basic computer programs.

Skills that improve computer literacy are beneficial to our clients in so many ways. Besides improving co-ordination and active learning skills, it also keeps them connected to the outside work in new and up to date ways, such as email and social media.

Our teaching staff are here to tailor the learning to each individual participant, depending on their disability, and can help them find ways to work around the issues they may face, so that they can access the tools they need.

For more information on our computer literacy programs, or to make a booking, please get in touch with our friendly team today, and we will arrange it all for you!

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