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Reading and writing is a basic skill that everybody should have the opportunity to be able to learn and develop, no matter what their ability or status. As one of the most fundamental core learning areas, the benefits that our clients receive are invaluable.

In our English programs you will learn a wide range of skills including basic communication, greetings and introductions, support in practicing and understanding familiar terms in your own household and while out in the community, and support in practicing the communication of wants and needs.

Each of our clients need support in many different areas, and while some may come into the program with some basic skills, others may require a lot more support. Out outsourced and in-house teaching staff will work with each individual to enhance, and develop on their skills, in order to increase their confidence and assist with communication day to day, which not only helps the client, but also those who live, care for and work with them.

The sense of achievement that comes with being more independent cannot be measured, and our programs offer each of our clients a chance to become more focused on their learning and increase their literacy abilities so that they not only feel more self-reliant, but they will also enhance their quality of life and sense of enjoyment day to day. 

Our training can also help prepare the client for outside employment, increasing their likelihood of not only gaining work, but also the ability and confidence to maintain and successfully manage their role.

For more information on our literacy programs, or to make a booking, please get in touch with our friendly team today, and we will arrange it all for you!

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