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Numeracy & Monetary

Numeracy is fundamental skill that assist us with many of our daily tasks from shopping, to budgeting our weekly bills, and can also greatly enhance employability.

At Miti Disability Care and Education we believe that the opportunity to learn should be offered to everyone, regardless of their ability or background.

Our numeracy program assists our clients greatly, and will build on the foundation of skills they may already have, learning skills from their textbooks and applying the skills practically for daily use.

Our programs are run by both outsourced providers, as well as in-house teachers, and are suitable for anyone, regardless of their skill level.

Our numeracy program is simplified to support participants in essential skills including basic addition and subtraction, measurement, understanding money, value and budgeting. Working within our small group programs with one-on-one support will greatly increase the chances of success for our learners when absorbing the program material.

Smaller and more tailored groups also enable our clients to feel safer and more positive with their learning, so they feel more confident to ask questions and try new things.

As these programs are focused on people with disabilities, the topics and learning material chosen is appropriate and tailored to suit the learner within their scope of ability.

For more information on our numeracy programs, or to make a booking, please get in touch with our friendly team today, and we will arrange it all for you!

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